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Café Einstein Stammhaus

If we talk about a classic of Berlin, we´re talking about the Café Einstein Stammhaus. Unique for its excellent products, above all the coffee, the Berliners feel like at home if they´re at the Café Einstein Stammhaus.


For the tourists it´s also one of their favourite places to visit because the atmosphere that you can feel there is warm and wonderful. The aroma of coffee invites one to come in and take a seat. The tables and chairs are comfortable and maintain an elegant style that one can enjoy while reading the newspaper and magazines of the day.


After the Second World War, the café ended up in West Berlin, where it was visited frequently by intellectuals and cultured people. But when the wall came down, the café opened another place in the West part on the Unter den Linden Avenue, the main boulevard in the city. From there, the Café Einstein Stammhaus serves all the politicians of Parliament and the tourists who are walking in the beautiful city.


The dishes that are prepared are extraordinary and delicious, ideal for sampling on a winter´s afternoon.


The coffee which they work with is specially processed for them and one can taste that in its flavour, colour and aroma. A delight that you can enjoy if you rent apartments in Berlin