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Great Jones Cafe

Great Jones Cafe is an ideal place to spend a cold winter´s afternoon in the great city of New York. Founded in 1983, it has nearly thirty years experience and day to day it demonstrates its clients that it still has the fundamental essence of coffee: good climate to make friends and the nicest flavour and aroma of its quality coffee.


In its beginnings, the cafe wasn´t visited by many people and the street where it was situated in, wasn´t that famous so that not many tourists went there. But, little by little, the young people started to go and with the word of mouth they spread the word that there was a warm and calm coffee shop where to read, talk and relax.


The name of the cafe comes form a book by Don DeLillo, “Great Jones Street”, and that adds even more to its tourist attractive. Thousands of people come every day to sit down in its tables and relax a bit from the city, while they recharge batteries to carry on with the tourist trail.


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