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Edd´s Thailändisches Restaurant

In Berlin we can also find all types of restaurants with different cuisines and Edd´s one of them. Specialized in Thai food, it´s famous in the city for the quality of its dishes, the elegance of the lounge and its fresh and traditional recipes.


It´s famous around Europe because it was the first Thai restaurant on the continent. Founded in 1984, it´s now over 20 years old and the clients are still coming.


The name of the place is in the honour of the creator and owner of the place, Edd. He´s a chef who loves good food and learnt how to cook from his grandmother when he was working in the Royal Palace of Bangkok. It give its clients and friend dishes worthy of royalty and they´re so delicious and exclusive that you won´t sample them again unless it´s here.


Renown around the world, Edd adds passion and love, fundamental ingredients at the time of cooking such delicious dishes. The Royal Princess of Thailand, every time she´s in Berlin, comes to Edd´s restaurant to sample her favourite dishes: Banana Leaf and Tom Yang Kung among others.


If you´re in the city and you want to try something different, rent apartments in Berlin and go out and eat at Edd´s, where you´ll find new flavours that will brighten your soul.