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International Home Movie Day in Málaga

Do you love homemade films and documentaries? Are you interested especially in independent art and the new ways of cultural auto-production? Do you have a film you´ve made put away in a draw and you don´t know how to put it out there? Well, this is the chance that you were looking for: in Málaga, every October, the International Independent Film Day takes place, an event dedicated to film lovers and to amateur directors, but who have high expectations. This festival, on one hand, tries to promote the new ways of creation that emerge in parallel with the millionaire productions (the so called mainstream), giving them a space to put the smaller productions out there, which are just as innovative and creative. On the other hand, this event reaffirms its compromise with the seventh art, trying to retrieve a patrimony which, undoubtedly, is one of the biggest manifestations of popular expression in the 21st century: film made by the fans. The International Home Movie Day, has been taking place since 2002 in 60 cities spread over 14 countries around the world. So, leave your apartments in Malaga /a> with a copy of your film and go and give it in to the event organizers. Good luck!