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Festival dei Popoli Florence

It´s a curious case the one of the Documentary Film Festival, which has been taking place in Florence at the beginning of November for over fifty years. Known as the Festival dei Popoli (People´s Festival), the origin of this ´popular´ initiative finds itself in a group of students and investigators from all fields (ethnology, sociology, politics, anthropology…) who, after the post-war, embarked on an ambitious documentary project: using available technologies to document the cultural or folkloric manifestations of the common people. Very few programmed initiatives with such elitist aims manage to be successful. The fact that it´s reached the general public and become an international reference festival is because of its quality, originality and the treatment given to the documentaries and/or films presented.


Through the Festival dei Popoli in Florence, you can get to know the social, political and economic transformations that have taken place during these last five decades. The changes, of course, are also in the lifestyle habits, relations, leisure, dressing and even expressing feelings.


This beautiful place in Tuscany isn´t just about good Renaissance art (which is quite something) but, it also leaves space for other types of cultural manifestations. Yet another excuse to go or go back to the city of the Arno. Remember before leaving to book some of the apartments in Florence because, during the festival, the city is full of students and cinephiles who arrive from all over the world.