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With a slightly amusing name, the “Frying Lounge” in Berlin offers us quality products that more than one tourist will enjoy to eat when they´re desperate and needy of something nice.


The menus are varied and go from hamburgers, sausages and chips up to delicious ready-made soups that are warm and nutritious. But the important thing about this restaurant is that all of its food is organic and there are options for everyone, including vegetarians.


Located in Friedrichshain in the city of Berlin, Frittiersalon is known by all young people in the city and by the tourists who want to try something different, tasty, healthy and quick.


In the restaurant´s webpage you can see the menu with the food list that the place offers. The beers are also a classic and, like good Germans that they are, the owners will recommend which is the best one you can try.


Frittiersalon has a classic decoration, which is what strikes the tourist the most, because you can feel like you´re in the typical Germany that sells sausages and beer to eat.


If you want to eat tasty food, enjoy the city and go out for a walk, after you´ve rented apartments in Berlin and feel good for a few days.