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Going out in Barcelona for under 20€

Barcelona is getting more and more expensive, especially for locals, and it´s also more expensive to go out because, let´s not kid ourselves, dinner, drinks, club entry and taxi home is quite a spend. If it carries on like this, we will need to save all year long to celebrate New Year´s Eve! So that this doesn´t happen, we´ve found a route to go out partying in Barcelona for less than 20€. My friends, let the party continue:


Instead of going out for dinner at a restaurant, you can go to one of those bars that offer beers for 1€ and tapas for 1€ or 2€. This way, for five euros you can drink and eat. Take note:

 Can Eusebio,

Vilà i Vilà, 84. Beers and patatas bravas for one euro, and the rest of tapas for less than 5€ each.

 La Milagrossa,

Torrent de les Flors, 94: This small bar managed by an Argentine specalizes in pasties and breaded steak, which are delicious. It has beer for 1€ and, also, if you want to have dinner, they offer combos for two pasties and a drink for less than 5€.


La Gata Mala,

Rabassa, 37. This narrow bar (which is always full) is run brilliantly by two lovely girls. 1.50€ for the beer and a free tapa. The good thing is that every tapa is better than the previous one: they start with a piece of bread with cheese, the second one will be Spanish omelette and the third one will be steak.


Bar Atrapatapa,

Compte d´Urgell 77 not only serve the free tapa with your drink but they also let you choose amongst their menu. From croquettes to boiled eggs with mayo and toppings, spicy sausage and salmorejo. The beer (plus the tapa) will cost you 1.20€ and a glass of wine plus the tapa 1.50€. If you want to eat more and order just the tapa, each costs 1€.


Right, now that we´ve solved the food, let´s see where we can go that doesn´t charge 7€ per drink:

Bar La Gaviota

In Gràcia, (Diluvi st, 7) is a classic place amongst the locals. If you´re looking for glamour leave now, but if you´re looking for party and fun, you´ll definitely find it at this bar! Drinks and beers are very cheap and the waiter is generous at the time of pouring them. It also has very good music.

La Bodeguita,

in Eixample (Comte Borrell, 18) says it´s the cheapest bar in Barcelona, and perhaps it´s true. because nowhere else you´ll find shots for less than a euro or spirit+mixer for under 5€… and with music! Open until 3am.

However, after 3am, which is when bars close, if you want to go to the clubs, I´m sorry to say that there aren´t any free clubs. What you can do is register in one of these pages to get on the list and get free tickets: http://www.discotecasgratis.com/Barcelona/

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