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Haesje Claes

Haesje Claes is a typical restaurant of the city of Amsterdam. Everything in this place is classic and local of the place, from its decoration to the enormous variety of Dutch dishes that are served, as well as the drinks. Although, of course, there are international dishes and everyone can choose what they prefer the most.


Founded in 1974, this restaurant began as a small and modest place but, thanks to the quality of its foods, it became famous and today, it covers six buildings, all connected among themselves. This shows that the restaurant is very famous and good.


Tourists from around the world who arrive in Amsterdam want to sample the typical dishes of the city and, for that, they go to Haesje Claes where they get served wonderfully. The best thing about it all is the incredible variety in snacks and Dutch fast food dishes. Also, the wine list and Dutch drinks menu is very extensive and the tourists get happy just after having a few glasses of gin.


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