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Incubus Concert in Amsterdam

There are cities that strive to offer their least official side, more liberal and anarchist. And if there´s one city that takes pride in bearing this standard of freedom that´s undoubtedly Amsterdam. Well, despite the latest restrictions (in sales, not consumption) on marihuana or to access the Red Light District, to put forward just two examples of its lenient laws, all of the cultural programme of Amsterdam revolves around those frontiers between commercial and lesser-known, between stale and new. In this aspect you could add the numerous concerts that take place in all of those venues scattered across the city.

Incubus <b>concert</b> Amsterdam

If this happens in the capital, the shockwave arrives to all corners of this small but beautiful country. All of this is apropos of the Incubus concert programmed for the 10th of July. At first it was going to take place at the Heineken Music Hall, but the successful pop-rock band has decided, for logistic reasons explained on their blog, to move the gig to the town of Tilburg, just an hour south of Amsterdam, keeping the same date and time.

The chosen place could not be more perfect for this band´s ´garage´ music, because 013 is a multifunctional space that can be used for live concerts or to record songs by independent bands. Conceived for the enjoyment of all music lovers, it won´t disappoint the most demanding travellers. The place, designed as if it was a padded room (just like recording studios), is visible and recognizable among the landscape of the place. I won´t go on with practical details, so here´s the link of the event where you can buy the tickets and find all the information that you will need: http://www.013.nl/event/4067_incubus

Although the fans of this band know to perfection the story of the birth of Incubus, they started in a garage in the United States, one of those garages that can produce anything. With that idealism and wanting to take on the world, they began playing live as a support band to other more famous bands until they achieved fame. A Gold Album in 2003 with ´Monuments and Melodies´, this summer of 2012 they will be touring around the world promoting their latest album ´If not now, when?´, of which I will leave a video of it for you to enjoy.

Although in their early days, in the late 90s, the band chose the path of heavy rock, they have evolved throughout the years and now fit in more into a pop-rock genre, a genre that´s hitting Europe and the USA hard. The Dutch city event, therefore, is moved to Tilburg, and it´s a must for all fans of the band.



You can access the concert from your apartments in Amsterdam since the location of the event is relatively close-by.