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Berlin is full of places where you can buy different types of things and the shopping centres that exist in the city are big and full of shops for visitors to buy whatever they like.


KaDeWe is one of those places and it´s the second biggest in Europe, after Harrods in London. The shopping centre has no less than 60 thousand sq metres where you can undertake different activities like eating in restaurants that range from fast food to specialized foods from all over the country.


In KaDeWe there are over 380 thousand items exhibited and, daily, the place attracts no less than between 40 and 50 thousand visitors.


But, as well as being the most important shopping centre in Germany, it´s located in a construction that´s a monument within itself which lived through the most important moments of the country: the First and Second World Wars and the falling of the Berlin Wall, for example.


Without doubt, KaDeWe is a place that all tourists should visit during their stay in the German city and if you want to go to this shopping centre, you can rent apartments in Berlin