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London ABC part I

Buckingham Palace: The Queen’s palace is a place that no visitor to London can miss. You can visit some rooms inside the palace, but if you come with the intention to meet the Queen for a cup of tea, you’ll be disappointed.

Bus: There´s nothing more symbolic in London that its red double-decker buses. Other famous symbols of the British capital include its picturesque phone booths and black taxis. Riding a double-decker bus is a must in London.

london abc part 1

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Downing Street: This is the street where the British Prime Minister lives, in the number 10 to be more precise. This street used to be open to the public but closed at the moment. However, you can still visit the street entrance.

Eye: The London Eye is the famous ferris wheel on the banks of the river, which provides its visitors with an incomparable view of the city. The total height of the wheel is 135 meters and a full rotation takes about half an hour. It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe and receives about 3.5 million visitors a year.

Fish and Chips: Although more typical of coastal cities, no one can go to England without eating this traditional dish. Fish and chips are nothing but crispy fried cod with fries. Anyone who has not tried is missing a lot!

Globe: William Shakespeare was born in the beautiful town of Stratford upon Avon, two hours from London, but it was in the English capital, where the theaters displayed his works.  The Globe is a wooden theater that recreates the theaters exactly how they were at Shakespeare´s time.

High tea: Londoners not only drink tea at 5 pm, but the whole day. However if you want to taste good tea, you’ll have to get high tea at a nice tea place or specialty store. Enjoying a cup of tea with some pastries in London is simply delightful.

Jack the Ripper: One of the most famous legends in London. He was a serial killer, who murdered several prostitutes in Whitechapel district. There are guided tours through this area, where you’ll be able to get to know more about this famous assassin.

Kensington: This is certainly one of the most exclusive and beautiful neighborhoods in London. It is filled with mansions and luxury homes, as well as gardens of great beauty. Walking through Kensington is a journey into the true essence of London.

Left: Remember that in England, people drive on the left, so if you want to drive there you must keep this in mind. If you are a pedestrian, the streets are marked with signs: Look Left or Look Right so you know where to look.

Lions: If you know someone who has been to London, I´m sure he/she has a photo with the lions of Trafalgar Square. These bronze lions surrounding the famous Nelson´s Column are something you will remember in London.

Markets: Markets are a great alternative attraction in London. Some of the most important are: the Portobello Road Market, where you can buy literally anything you have in mind. Also, it is worth visiting Camden Market and Covent Garden, to find the most unique items at a bargain price.

Weather: London is famous for its weather, especially because of its constant rain. Anyway, the rain is one of the elements that helps London to be the charming city it is. Grab an umbrella, a raincoat and enjoy.