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Luvaria Ulises

Luvaria Ulisses is one of the most famous shopping centres in Lisbon and although its size isn´t as big as first expected, its quality and service make that the client wants to return. Also, each of the shops that´s in Luvaria Ulisses characterizes itself for its exclusivety, making that every person feels unique and that goes home happy, after having bought an excellent garment.


It´s located in the city centre and from there all the locals and tourists come to see the newest developments in the world of fashion, jewelry, shoes and aesthetics.


Founded in 1925, it has almost a century´s experience and the clients keep choosing it and that´s how it´s become a city icon and a tourist point. The decoration of the place is just like it was at the beginning, but restaured.


In its moment, Luvaria Ulisses was the exclusive sales place in Portugal of gloves and since then it´s always had elitist clients, such as politicians and cultural and artistic personalities.


If you want to get to know this exclusive shopping place, get Lisbon accommodation put some comfortable shoes on and go out and shop whilst you walk this beautiful, historic city in Portugal.