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Michael Fassbender in New York

Film is a business that never ends. Each year, there’s always something more – new movies, sexy actors and actresses. Despite the marketing efforts of Hollywood, when it comes to our favorite actors, very few actually leave a strong impression from their performance or are remembered for a very long time. What really makes a male actor a good one? Character, attitude and intensity. It is difficult to define some of these at a time when the genre of cinema and our approach to what is deemed “masculine” is changing. Maybe the psychological burden of interpretation, beyond gender, is what really survives.

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There are, however, three actors who forged the way over the past forty years when it comes to interpretation, attitude and image: Marlon Brando, Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. These three, perhaps the most emblematic and rebellious in Hollywood, have managed to conquer the hearts of all true lovers of cinema. What makes them so charismatic? It is the intensity with which they perform and the arduous process they use to immerse themselves in their roles and construct their characters. Few actors have the ability to reach their high level. One of them, though, is Michael Fassbender, who continues his ascent from the production line of the very commercial Hollywood.

From his performance as Stelios, the young Spartan soldier in the unforgettable movie “300”, Fassbender has managed to bring a degree of realism to his characters. For example, his hard work in preparing for the role of Bobby Sands in the film “Hunger” by Steve McQueen in 2008 is worth noting. For this important film, Fassbender had to undertake an extremely strict diet. According to urban myths, he was only able to eat 600 calories a day. For his impeccable performance in this film, he was recognized at the British Independent Film Awards. It is also worth mentioning his roles in the movie “Inglorious Basterds” by Quentin Tarantino and “Fish Tank” by Andrea Arnold. Among other projects, he also gave memorable performances in “Jonah Hex”, “Centurion” and “Blood Creek”. His fans’ favorite role may be his portrayal as Magneto in “X-Men: Origins”, who is the mutant team’s number one enemy.

In 2012, Michael Fassbender will be a part of Ridley Scott’s new project, “Prometheus”, a science fiction movie in which he will play an android named David. The film promises a lot since it is loaded with special effects, digital animation and a story that once again brings us closer to new worlds and the Apocalypse; it is a thriller set in outer space, a place where you don’t want to lose yourself. For more information on Michael Fassbinder, visit this unofficial website on the actor: http://michael-fassbender-online.net/



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