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German Unity Day in Berlin

Every 3rd of October, Germany is a party and they celebrate no less than the joy of the reunification of the country and the downfall of the Berlin Wall. Since 1990, aside from the commemorative acts in Berlin, the current capital of Germany and previous symbol of division in the Cold War, they choose a city in the country so that, from its view, presents a programme which commemorates the reunification.


It´s probably Germany´s most important party and it´s lived with special interest in Berlin, where institutional and cultural events of all types take place in accordance with that second city. So even that the capital and the whole country are interesting any day of the year, this event should not be missed by anyone who wants to feel the true spirit of the people who recovered their pride and strength. On this special day they organize concerts, talks, meetings and a very special march which leaves from the Brandeburg Gate and which tries to promote respect to all people, regardless of their religion, race or condition. With these celebrated events, on the 3rd of October, Berlin grows every year towards cosmopolitanism and universality. The proposed events also have a aim for respect, understanding and cohesion with the LGBT community which lives or visits Berlin.


Remember that the official website updates itself about the different events which will take place with timetables and practical information. And if you travel to Germany during the first days of autumn, you can´t forget to book some of the excellent apartments in Berlin because the city is greatly in demand.