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Racy Shows in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

barrio rojo

Visiting the Red Light District in Amsterdam is an experience in itself. There are no prejudices or taboos, nor shame or virginity, but there are indeed rules. Each of the women offering their services must have a special license to practice as a prostitute, pay their taxes and have passed the relevant health checks. So really the fact that prostitution is legal in the Netherlands normalizes the situation and makes the famous Red Light District exceptional, elegant, and clean. But it’s still inundated by neon.

There are many small venues open to the public, with windows where women are shown like models for anyone who wants to stop and have a good time. And for those of you who think that the Red Light District offers only prostitutes, you are wrong. There’s a vast range of sex shops, erotic porno movies and live shows. Here are some examples:

Casa Rosso Theater: It may be cold outside, but within is carnal heat. This is not your standard theater, since the actors are naked and due to the type of people who attend these shows. It’s a shrine of live porn. And truly fascinating. You can watch and hear but not touch. You will be a mere spectator among a diverse audience, including Dutch people, regulars and many tourists who might just be coming in to get warm. And of course, it’s all very discreet. If anyone makes noise, they’re thrown out of the premises. Walk in, sit in your chair, and simply watch. The entrance fee for this curious sex theater is about 40 euros per person and 50 euros with 2 drinks. How to get there? It is easy: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106-108, or ask for the Casa Rosso Theater. You can’t miss the entrance with its huge neon pink elephant. It’s unmistakable.

theatre casa rosso


Erotic Museum: This unique museum has sculptures, paintings, photographs, books, risqué movies and all sorts of gadgets and sex toys. There are 3 floors of exhibits related to sex and the Red Light District. For example, you can see authentic relics such as the first female dildo and a bicycle with a kind of penis that is activated by pedaling. It has a room dedicated exclusively to sadomasochism. It’s interesting to note that the portraits the great John Lennon did during his peaceful protest at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam back in 69 are included in the collections. Admission: 5 euros per person. And where is it located? In the same street as Casa Rosso and very near the Central Station, at number 54 Oudezijds Achterburgwal.


Bananenbar: What would the Red Light District without a place for stripteases? But Bananenbar is not a normal venue. It’s a place to meet up and celebrate in which the waitresses, who are scantily dressed, ensure that your cup is always filled. They will seduce you, give you your drinks and also touch one another. It’s an ideal place for a bachelor party or your 18th birthday. If you dare, go to Bananenbar (37 Oudezijds Achterburgwal). I assure you it will be unforgettable.


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