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Societe Lutece Rome

Societe Lutece is a bohemian place which is ideal to spend an unforgettable evening of music, drinks and a light food to keep up during the night. Its peculiar decoration, somewhat rustic, has that modern mix of alternative and recycled, which makes it interesting and cosy for those who go to spend a pleasant time and to find other people to have fun with.

Located in the centre of Rome, on Piazza di Montevecchio 17, it´s an ideal place to have an apéritif and to chat relaxedly with friends. The music that they put on is the best when it comes to dance places, and the service is first class.

If you order a cocktails, it´s recommendable that you make it a mojito, it´s the best drink in the house. There are also pleasant Spritz and iced ones, energizing ones or without alcohol. All of this accompanied by some ´pintxos´ (small portion of food pierced with a toothpick), such as asparagus paté and dried tomato skewer or cheese with plum jam and salami, among many others. There are also vegetables with tartar sauce and all of it for only 8 euros per person.

A good autumn holiday is what you need to get to the new year with your batteries charged, so rent apartments in Rome and have fun in this wonderful meeting place that is Societe Lutece.