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Berlin, as well as having some of Europe´s most important museums, also holds some of the best night clubs in the continent. Tresor, which means “security” in its original language, is one of the most legendary that the city has where, every weekend, thousands and thousands of people go there to enjoy it with their partner or friends.


Why is it so legendary? Because it used to be the first techno club in the early 90s in Berlin, which introduced electronic music and, today, has one of the biggest crowds of this musical genre.


After closing in 2004, Tresor celebrated its resurrection in 2008 but it changed its location and today it´s in an old restored energy plant which gives it not only a different aspect but also an underground one, which many don´t have.


From that moment on, the club presents the most important DJs in the world of electronic music and it´s a place that every fan of electronic music has to attend. Also, the parties last all night until sunrise (and sometimes until the middle of the day the next day).


You can rent apartments in Berlin and enjoy Tresor, a real jewel of the electronic music world.