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Trozmo Noid Berlin

Trozmo Noid is an airbrush artist. He´s a painter who initiated himself with the street graffiti which is so well known in Berlin, because it has turned this technique into an open air museum which the travellers to this European capital par excellence cannot miss (we´re talking about the East Side Gallery). Well, Trozmo Noid, on one day in 1996 thought that he had to do something other in his life than paint with spray on the city walls and, because his best skill was to paint, he decided to start up a business focused on his artistic ability.

And the idea could not have been more right, because in his shop in the Europa-Center shopping centre, in the Untergeschoss district, he has his shop and his workshop. There, he converts a simple and dull white t-shirt into a true work of art. Although he also makes customized designs, in person or by order, he has a wide catalogue where to choose from if you don´t really know what you want. You can have your unique t-shirt for just 25 euros, and the prices rarely reach 60 euros.

Although he also sells online (because we´re in the Web 2.0 era), the best thing to do, if you travel to the German capital, is to leave your suitcases in your apartments in Berlin which you managed to book, and go and have a wander around this amazing cosmopolitan city and start shopping (for you or for you loved ones). The personalized t-shirts by Trozmo Noid would be a magnificent choice.