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Whisky Autumn: Whiskey Festival in Berlin

When you watch a cowboy film, everyone´s drinking whiskey. If you think of Lemmy from Motorhead, he´s never stopped drinking whiskey. Parties, losses, celebrations, deflations… whiskey has always known how to feed the fire of so many drunken times which has been part of our every day life. The history of whiskey is long and deep, and it´s possible that it began to be distilled in Mesopotamia, around the year 2BC, by the Babylonians, with distilled aromas and perfumes.

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And so, the process of distillation was taken from Africa to Europe by the moors and its use began to spread among the monasteries, especially for medicinal use in the treatment for paralysis, colics and smallpox. As it was to be expected, from 1100 until 1300, the distillation process spread around England and Scotland, with distilleries existing in monasteries in Ireland from the 12th century. As well, because both islands have few vineyards for wine production, wheat beer was used instead of it, thus the appearance of whiskey.

What´s true is that today, whiskey is one of the most drunk alcoholic beverages in all continents. Imagine a party where there´s not a single shot of whiskey available, it would be completely boring. There are so many versions of whiskey as there are of beer. They say that the first versions of whiskey were so strong that they were dangerous., and it didn´t happen until someone, by chance, opened an abandoned barrel that had been so for many years.

Whisky Autumn Festival in Berlin is another chance to have a good time with friends and to try the best whiskey from around the world available in this city. Imagine two days of drinking shots of whiskey non-stop, with cool people and a lot of fun. With this festival, autumn also starts in Berlin, so you don´t have to worry about the heat and big tourist crowds. Like in every European city, summer is a time where everyone leaves their caves to explore and travel and so, cities like London, Paris, Budapest, Prague and Barcelona among others, are invaded by travellers from everywhere. When autumn returns, everyone goes back home and tranquility comes back. On the other hand, there are many bars in Berlin that go back to their usual line of work. In the same way, the offers regarding concerts in clubs, small venues and underground venues increase. Also take into account that the cost of the plane tickets will be less and so the trip will be a lot more comfortable and cheap. For more information on the festival visit this webpage: http://www.whisky-herbst.de/

Alexa Ray Only-apartments AuthorAlexa Ray

Nothing better than renting apartments in Berlin during autumn and enjoy this city with a calm climate which is also refreshing. Whisky Autumn Festival is the perfect excuse to begin to explore this city that´s become Europe´s most intensive cultural centre. Highly recommended.

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