Blue Man Group at Bluemax Theatre in Berlin

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They´re called Blue Man Group and they´re an international artistic project that was founded by three eclectic, visionary and delirious artists. It´s initial origin is from the USA, where the creators Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman got together with the idea to bring something new to the live artistic scene. They then though of an approach that included different languages, integrating them in a show that directly involved the spectators. It was the 80s. Of course, they managed to do it.

blue <b>man</b> group bluemax berlin

In their shows they represent a trio of mimes called “Blue Men” and they´re known for presenting themselves on stage with their heads covered in blue latex, gloves and faces painted in the same colour and wearing black clothes. In other words, something which is visually striking and recognizable, which was the distinction of the group since their beginnings.

But, what is the show all about?

Basically it´s rock music, theatre and art in the broadest sense, with a lot of emphasis on percussion and interaction with the crowd that usually goes to this type of show because they´re not bothered to be “incorporated” in the show that´s going on. In other words, you have to be open to it and ready for everything that could possibly happen. That way, this group is known amongst many other things for covering the people who go to their shows and sit in the front rows in plastic to avoid them getting covered in paint, food and strange liquids that they use during their performance.

The reason why it´s worth going to a Blue Man Group show is because it´s not just any other concert, but a performance that incorporates various languages that go from music to theatre in a visual way. The lighting is usually very sophisticated and, generally, there are large quantities of paper and paint thrown in the air. Avant-gardism is the key word to understand this group´s approach, as well as to appreciate a truly well-worked show that, up until today, has had over 17 million people go to see it around the world.

Regarding the contents, Blue Man Group usually satirizes modern life, and they do it not just with their eccentric costumes and their sudden actions but by playing humorous and energetic songs that are familiar to us. Another interesting aspect of this project is that the Blue Man Group isn´t just one but many of them, that take this show around the world and that are based in different cities in the USA, like New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Orlando, as well as European cities like London, Berlin and Amsterdam as well as Tokyo in Japan. Each show is something completely different and there are variations that allow it to adapt to every country.

The Blue Man Group will stage a show on August 14th at 6pm at the Bluemax Theatre.

For more information you can visit their official webpage:

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We recommend that you don´t miss out on this concert/performance by this delirious theatre and music trio, and that you rent apartments in Berlin so you can enjoy your stay in the city.

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