5 curiosities about Prague

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Beer in Prague is cheaper than water, the bread is exquisite and men still walk around with socks and sandals as their history is still present in their hearts.


Prague´s beer is good, but it´s not for gourmets. Not a lot can be said about its composition, its fermentation time, its essence or its aroma. In the pubs it´s cheaper than water, it´s a totally artisanal beer. It´s the same one every day, a beer with nice volume, sweet and surprisingly enjoyable; it´s part of the culture.

You can also find absinthe. It´s legal and you can buy it everywhere, but I´m not too sure of who actually drinks it. It seems that only foreigners ask for it, because the locals don´t usually drink it at home or on nights out.

Large part of the architecture is supremely beautiful. We can easily find, for example, a charming 10th century church in many districts in Prague. The architecture is still standing firm and it´s part of the city´s everyday life. If you go around the streets on a bicycle be very careful, especially after it has rained, since the cobbled streets become very slippery.

Prague is also a city that´s filled with history. In the 20th century, this country experienced five regimes. With the oppression that this brought, it is not easy for locals to talk about this. The population awoke with enemy tanks on the streets and saw how their families were taken away by the Gestapo. They packed their bags secretly and left everything and everyone that they had known, with a strong chance of never seeing them every again. Therefore, they are still living in a past that has never left and that is still present.

Possibly for this reason, the locals are a bit quiet. People developed a lack of trust throughout the years that can be understood due to its past. However, just like everyone else around the world, they are pleasant, know how to love, worry, care, can find beauty in things and do things that make them happy.

In Prague you can still see the custom of seeing men wear sandals and socks. Nobody understands why but you´ll also see how locals watch old American TV programmes, terribly dubbed, trying to imitate an American cowboy style with a relaxed atmosphere coming from a totally different language. However, it´s also true that every night in Prague, a city of 1.2m inhabitants, there are 3.4m spaces available in concert venues and theatres, and almost all of them are occupied.

In the city you´ll also come across gypsies, but they don´t wear colourful handkerchiefs on their heads or ride donkeys, or even dance traditional village dances. They boast their cheap jeans with absurd logos that sometimes are illegible. Some of them pickpocket in teams or play the harmonica to ask for some money, money which they hardly ever receive. However, these people come mostly from suburbia.

This is not a commonly known thing but bread in Prague is fantastic. If you ever visit the city, find out where the local bakery is and what time do they open. If you go at that time, you can buy delicious bread while it´s still hot. Cut it and spread some butter on it and enjoy its intense flavour and texture with substance that doesn´t contain grain. The crusts are also perfectly elastic and covered in flour; this is the delicious morning bread in Prague.


And for an even better awakening, rent an apartments in Prague and experience a new culture to discover and enjoy.


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