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21 Magyar Vendéglő

If what you want is to spend a beautiful time with friends, family or partner, and don´t want to spend much money but you still want nice and well prepared dishes, 21 Magyar Vendéglő is one of the places in the city of Budapest that will give you all that and you´ll finish really satisfied.


21 Magyar Vendéglő is one of the best places that the Hungarian capital has to enjoy the traditional and local dishes. The restaurant is on the Castle district, in the famous Fortuna street.


On the menu all that is related to Hungary can be found, like the chicken paprikás with boiled mass balls, Mangalica roasted pork with boiled sprouts or the famous Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad, among many other special preparations.


The desserts are also very related to the Hungarian cuisine: Somiói galuska (which is basically a sponge cake with vanilla and chocolate sauce) Dobos cake or cheese cake.


The wines are all regional but they are the best that you can find in the country so there won´t be a problem at the time of enjoying some good glasses.


If you want to get to know Hungarian cuisine in its maximum splendor like in 21 Magyar Vendéglő, you can rent apartments in Budapest