Berardo Modern and Contemporary Art Museum Lisbon

The Berardo Modern and Contemporary Art Museum Collection was inaugurated in 2007 inside the Belém Cultural Centre complex.


This place, next to the river Taugus and important monuments, has in its permanent exhibition  some of the most important works of the modern and contemporary art collections of the businessman Joe Berardo, the owner of some of the most valuable private collections around the world.


Inside the museum you can find different divisions or cores, the Autonomy, Reinvented Figure, Colour Power, Minimalism, Re-Take, Popi & C.a, Surrealism and others. Really well-known names like Picasso, Andy Warhol or Bacon are present in this exhibition, as well as important Portuguese authors like Vieira da Silva, Paula Rego and Pedro Cabrita Reis.


To get to the museum from any of our apartments in Lisbon you have various options, the most used and recommended for tourists is the number 15 tram, that leaves from the centre of the city. Buses number 28, 714, 727, 729 and 751 go by a few meters away and also the trains that go to the Belém train station.

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